Monday, January 20, 2014

What I ate - Whole30 (not really) day 17

So I had dairy last night and turns out, I do okay with it, it just makes me congested. Which I hate because my allergies are bad enough without it, so I will be aware of that in the future. Other than that, I feel okay about eating like a buttface last night. This morning I got back into the swing of eating clean and that's really what my goal for the Whole30 was/is. I'll still be updating this blog with how I'm feeling and how I'm eating for awhile and any of the food I post will still be Whole30 approved, for those using this for inspiration. Obviously, I'm not the person to be inspired by though, but it was a good effort by me. 


3 eggs cooked in ghee
1/2 apple


Almond flour fish 
Green beans

There we go. Some healthy food for ya. We went to a movie today during lunch so we skipped lunch (Bad I know) but had larabars to hold us over until dinner. 

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