Monday, March 28, 2011

More Roadblocks?

I've decided I could never be a road warrior, constantly traveling. 2 weeks ago I headed to Orlando for a few days for a work trade show. Got there Tuesday, went for a quick run Tuesday afternoon. Worked close to 10 hour days the next 2 days, needless to say, didn't workout. Didn't eat as healthy as I would while home either, didn't eat terribly, but didn't have great breakfasts. Friday the man friend and I went to Universal Studios, now while we walked a good 6 miles, we also ate all fried foods. Same thing on Saturday except we probably only walked 2 or 3 miles. Then Sunday we drove home. It's almost impossible to eat well on the road without spending a fortune. 
Started to get back into a rhythm on Monday, worked out for an hour, felt great. Ate well and planned on doing more of the same thing the rest of the week. QUE roadblock #2109843297... Got a phone call from the family explaining that my grandfather is not doing well at all. So I had planned on going for a run with Nick when I got home and instead I fell apart. So Tuesday night we packed our bags and planned our trip back to Michigan for the weekend. Again, not easy to eat well on the road, especially when you take off with such short notice, no time to pack lunches or anything. So we drove until real late on Wednesday night and finished the drive to his parents on Thursday. Had a good home cooked dinner every night we were in town - BONUS us. 
Friday morning we got up and headed to LA Fitness with my sister with all intentions of working out there, just purchasing a pass. Well it's $15 a day, or $9.99 a week BUT you have to pay your first and last week up front. So we passed because honestly, I'm not paying $30 or more to workout one day. But thank you LA Fitness for screwing us, sadly you just lost my business for life. I've been a member on 2 separate occasions, loved it, the only reason I cancelled is because the closest one to me currently is 1.5 hours away. Sadly because Nick is an officer we will get stationed near another LA Fitness again, maybe more than once, and because the way the Royal Oak branch has treated him I will never join there again. </end rant> Well, those intentions to work out were thwarted. Lame SAUCE. 
I just feel like my attempts to get into shape are always being thrown in my face, I kind of hate it. And then there is today, I'm exhausted. I know I should workout but after driving 12 hours yesterday and getting very little sleep last night, I just can't. Although, I do have big plans to work out every day the rest of the work week. I am determined to lose weight, I am trying, it's just not showing. At. All. 
So I guess I'm starting over, again, for the millionth time. But the difference here is that I'll always keep trying until I get there because I have to get there. I can't be this unhealthy. So here is to second, third, and fourth attempts, and to this attempt to be my last. 

Tuesday - Run 10, 3, 10 with the dogs
Wednesday - Elliptical 20, Stair stepper 10 minutes, back, abs, shoulders
Thursday - Run 8, 2, 8 with the dogs
Friday - Elliptical 20-30 minutes, arms/upper body

Here is to working to lose that 2pounds this week!! 

Monday, March 14, 2011


Yesterday I started and completed my first 5k run ever. I've never felt so awesome in my life. I finished in under 40 minutes and sadly, walked twice. I honestly think had I run it alone I may have run the whole time but my partner in running easily swayed me into walking. After the second walk I felt completed defeated and decided that I wanted to finish running the rest of the race without stopping and I did. I kicked the crap out of the rest of that race. My shin started to hurt a bit the last .1 mile of the race but that didn't stop me from finishing. I'm currently researching 5k runs for the next 4 months at least.
I'm signing up for one April 2nd. I'm hoping to do the Warrior Dash in May in Atlanta, I think that would be so awesome to do. Then looking for a race in June, July, August, & September, possibly even in October. I'm so excited.

So on another side note, I gained 10 pounds in the 2 weeks I wasn't training because of my shin splint, topping off at the heaviest I've ever been on a scale. Awesome. But the good news is that I'm down 5 pounds since then.  So I still have 30 more pounds to go but I WILL get there.

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's The Final Countdown!!!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
Sunday is my first 5k ever. I'm not properly prepared but I don't care. My leg, well my shin splint, has been a pain in the arse. It has deterred my running but not my working out, thankfully. So after my 5k is completed I plan on taking at least a week if not more off of running and running only. I still plan on working out but for cardio, walking or the elliptical will suffice because I need to rest my leg. Nick's leg is finally starting to get much better and we're going to start working out together again. I'm very excited for that. We made a plan too.
I leave next week for work and then he's joining me at the end of the trip for a vacation. Since it's a lot of traveling and he may be leaving from our vacation to go out of town for work, we'll start our plan in 3 weeks.
This week he's giving up booze, which means I'm giving it up for the most part too since I don't really see myself drinking much with him. This week I'm also giving up chocolate and cutting back on sweets. For Lent you're supposed to give up something that will be a struggle and let me tell you, my sweet tooth is going to be a struggle.
So new workout plan! Yay!!!

Monday - P90x Chest&Back in the AM, ab Ripper X in the afternoon
Tuesday - Bridge to 10k (at least 30 minutes of cardio) after soccer practice
Wednesday - P90x Shoulder&Arms in the AM, ab Ripper X in the afternoon
Thursday - Bridge to 10k (at least 30 minutes of cardio) after soccer practice
Friday - P90x Legs&Back in the AM, ab Ripper X in the afternoon
Saturday - Before or After soccer game, Bridge to 10k (at least 30 minutes of cardio)
Sunday - Rest&Recover

Schedule for 3/21 through 4/17

Ready GO!