Thursday, January 27, 2011

Progress Report

Alrighty then!! It's week 4 of my couch to 5k training program and I'm still going strong. Week 4 consists of run 3min, walk 1.5min, run 5min, walk 2.5min repeat. Day 1 was miserable. I hated it. Day 2 was much, much, much better. The first day I found that I was counting down the seconds until the timer went off to let me know that I could walk. The second day I felt so much better, when we were finished with the full workout I felt good, my body didn't hurt so bad. Tomorrow we're doing our third day and I'm really looking forward to it, I think we'll be able to make good time on it also.
This week I am starting to incorporate strength training in my weekly workouts. I'm a little nervous to do this because that means I really only get 1 day off from working out but I think I'm okay with that. I run 3 days a week and play soccer 1 or 2 days on the weekend, sometimes up to 4 games on the weekends. Oh well!
Today's agenda is to do some upper body and ab work to jump start my strength training. The only downside to this is that I have no workout partner for strength training, only for running, but that isn't the end of the world.
Lucky for me, Nick and I started carpooling to work and since I can't pick him up until after 5:30 I have more than enough time to get in 40 minutes of working out if not more, depending on his day.
So basically I am going to hit the gym 4 days a week, my evening I'm not working out will be reserved for grocery shopping (yay) and relaxing (very yay). So here's to hoping I can stick with this routine for 60 days and then after that it'll just be a habit right??

Weight: -5 pounds

Starting weight: 165

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Road Blocks...

So I've hit about as many road block as one could imagine. While I'm no longer actively doing P90x I am still working out. I just really don't have the time to do P90x, while I loved doing it, an hour or more a day, plus 2-4 soccer games a weekend, it really just takes everything out of me to shower and go to work. So instead I have begun training for a 5k with a girlfriend. 
While I have been doing all of my training my fiance has tore his hamstring, which basically means he was unable to do anything on his own 10 days. So I worked half days at the office, came home, took care of him and worked from home. Also, took care of the house and dogs, it was absolutely exhausting. Then he started to heal a bit and returned to work, so while training still, he was able to help around the house a bit but unable to drive so I cart him back and forth to work, which isn't terrible because I workout on base while he's still at work, 3 out of 5 days it works out really well. 
So then this weekend happened, Saturday morning I experienced my first migraine. This resulted in a cat scan, blood work, and 7 hours at the ER. Today has been better but I've been nauseous and still have a headache, it's not been a fun weekend. So because Saturday I was supposed to run my W3D3, I planned on doing so today, well that didn't go as planned. 
My biggest problem to date is my eating habits which comes down to ME. I have to start making better choices. I really have to because I'm not dropping any weight when I make the choices I am. So starting tomorrow I'm going to keep a food diary on this blog. Keeping myself 100% accountable. It has to happen. So I'm fairly certain that no one reads my blog but if you do, please give me words of wisdom and support. And if you do read this and see that I'm not eating well, call me out. 
So here is to better choices and a better lifestyle. 

PS my 5k is March 13th, 2011 and I'm very excited for it. 

PPS please don't judge me for my poor writing today, I'm on my pain killers, very out of it, in pain, and exhausted.