Thursday, February 14, 2013

CrossFit Goals - Update 3

So in November 2012 I put together a list of CrossFit goals, which piggybacked on goals from September. You can read about my previous goals and the progress here.

When I joined Motor City CrossFit I made another list of goals for myself.

November/December Goals

1. Continue the struggle with eating. Eventually I'll win. Still struggling but it's such a mental game, time to get my mind right!! 2. Get that dang pull up I actually got this pullup shortly after making this posting. Then I lost my pullup but I found it again in December. Very exciting day. 3. Climb the rope to the top Last weekend I watched guys & girls fly up and down the rope, to say I was jealous is an understatement! What an accomplishment but I was able (I think!) to pick up a couple of pointers. Maybe I'll give this a shot on Saturday! 4. Complete a hand stand push up I can do this with 2 mats currently, which is a big step. Time to try them out with only one mat. 5. Complete a muscle up (this is a long term goal but I figured I should list it) Ha! I'm not even on this level but I will be one day!  6. Spend more time working on form and mechanics (doubleunders) I've been work on this lately. Paying attention to my form exclusively at the OLY classes and during the SWOD. I've been asking more questions and working on my hook grip and flexibility. I'm enjoying getting stronger every day! 7. Get 5 pull ups in a row Yesterday! YES TER DAY I got 5 pull ups in a row. I am so pumped about that. What a goal to reach!! 8. Get 5 T2B in a row Well lets master the T2B and then we'll talk. 

CrossFit goals as of 2/14/13

1. Keep focused on eating clean. 
2. Climb the rope
3. Complete a handstand pushup
4. Complete a muscle up
5. Continue to focus on form and skills
6. Get 5 T2B in a row
7. Get 5 ring dips in a row
8. Continue to be committed to your health

2013 Goals - First Update

2013 Goals

So I haven't done this yet this year. I haven't set any goals to achieve, fitness or otherwise. I guess now is a good a time as any to make some goals...

Originally Written 1/14/13 (I will update this every few months with accomplished goals and additional goals)

1. Find a consistent weight and stick with it. I'm thinking 145 +/-

  • I'm the queen of fluctuating weight, not just a couple of pounds either. We're talking swinging 20 pounds either way. Time to stop that. We're working on this right now. Currently I'm in a Look Better Naked challenge but you wouldn't know because I have done a terrible job of keeping my food in check. Today though, I'm giving up sweets for 30 days, that's going to suck! 

2. Continue to make the time to exercise my dogs properly

  • I have 3 large rescue dogs that need exercise to be well balanced dogs and a mile a day is not enough. I have committed to walking the dogs every day, I do a total of 6 miles on average, walking & jogging. This is making things much better in the house and it is necessary for my sanity. Goal #2 on course. We have missed only a few days in the last month due to weather or other commitments. We got a backpack and that has made things much easier. 

3. Get up the rope

  • That stupid rope. This will be here for a long time I assume. I rarely practice this but I'll get there! 

4. Move to toe pushups exclusively

  • I can do about 3 pushups on my toes in a row and if the WOD requires a large number, I usually scale to my knees. Time to get off those knees!! PERMANENTLY. I am half way there. I'm getting stronger and stay on my toes longer than usual so progress! 

5. Master Toe to Bars

  • Those stupid things, time for consistency. In progress. 

6. Reduce my meat intake and dairy intake

  • See my "going green" for an explanation regarding this. Well it's been almost 30 days without meat. I tried a couple bites at my sister's wedding food tasting and it just wasn't good to me, unfortunately. I'm getting good at this, no meat stuff. 

7. Make my bed every day 

  • Doing this one thing will create a bit of structure in my life. Oddly enough. Need to work on being consistent with this but for the most part, I'm on point! 

8. Finally begin working with a rescue 

  • I've been talking about doing this for some time and really, until now, I haven't had the time to do so. I don't have a ton of free time but I'm ready. I filled out a volunteer application so we'll see what happens! 

9. Find small ways to be more green

  • Walking more. Reusing more containers. Recycling more. Educating people more. Making my own cleaning supplies, detergents, etc. Small steps. Making a list of what I want to "make" today so I can start knocking it out! 

10. Educate yourself weekly

  • Watch the news. Watch documentaries. Read blogs. Read about things you don't understand. Learn more and be better. This is so sporadic but it's better than nothing! 

11. Become a more balanced pack leader

  • My dogs are my world. I don't have kids & I am a military wife. I spend a lot of time with my dogs, most days, I spend more time with them than I do my husband. For all of our sanity, I need to be better and I will be. Getting there, I think?

So as of today, these are my 2013 goals. We'll see what happens a few months from now. I also got a physical today and will post my numbers and see how they improve with the lifestyle changes. 

2/14/13 - Updated.