Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Time No Post

Life life life. 
Well planning a wedding and having a life and keeping this bad boy updated has been tough. So today I decided to update it, with no real plan as to what I'm going to write about. 

I guess I'll start with some accomplishments... 

  • Last week I broke into the 130s, which was awesome!!! 
  • I purchased my first few size 4 pieces of clothing
  • I put on my prom dress from my sophomore year prom/junior year homecoming
  • Reached a new PR for my 1.5mile of 12:57

I have also decided on some new goals to get to in the next 365 days

  1. obtain arms, a la, Jennifer Aniston 
  2. drop another 15-20pounds (which would make a grand total between 55-60pounds) but honestly anything under 135 is amazing
  3. drop my 1.5mile time to below 11 minutes (current PR is 12:57)
  4. drop my 5k time to below 26 minutes (current PR is 28:18 or something)
  5. complete a half marathon
  6. beat Eva in abs at least once, but mostly get a nice stomach

So to get where I am right now I have done the following

Pay attention to what I've been eating
Make my health a priority 

No seriously, that is it. Nothing complicated. 
I work out 3-7 times a week. 
I log EVERYTHING I eat, even if that includes a candy bar or cookie. 
Each weekend I sit in bed with Nick and make a meal plan for the entire week and purchase only that stuff. 
Each evening or morning I make a lunch, including snacks for the day. I also log my dinner and breakfast the night before so I know how many "extra" calories I have for the day if I am hungry but run out of food. 
Before I eat anything I look at any and all of the nutritional information, so I always know what I'm putting into my body, even if it is that candy bar. I don't starve and I don't keep myself away from just about anything as long as I stay within my tolerances. 
1300 calories a day
30g of fat
65g of protein (or more)
195g of carbs

Truthfully, the one thing that has made the biggest difference in the world, minus the LOADS of support I have from my Body Evolution family, is the fact that I have made all of this a priority. I cannot hit snooze and say "oh I'll workout tonight." or "I'll workout tomorrow" because today is tomorrow and tomorrow is yesterday. 

So I'm currently hatching my plan to run my first ever half marathon. I'm so pumped! So on that note, I will call it a night because I need sleep so I can get up and run with my animals in the morning.