Friday, October 28, 2011


I have officially fallen off the diet wagon. It is official. I mean I still sort of follow it but I have had like 984760349854324 sweet things in the past 2 weeks and have no intentions of stopping. Well I do have intentions but I don't think they'll kick in until Monday. Luckily I've been working out every day and because I'm such a horses ass, I'm running a 5k tomorrow as well. 
A few positive points throughout this terrible cycle I've fallen into.. 
-I finished the flower balls! Now I just need to start touching them up because well, they're sorta falling apart. 
-I feel stronger than I have in a long time. 
-I realize that eating the way I have does not fuel me at all, it actually causes me to feel more tired. Yet it still hasn't stopped me. 

So here is the commitment I make to you, my readers, not like I have any faithful readers but if I put it on the interweb it's official, like your relationship isn't official until Facebook knows, right? So here is my commitment. Starting Monday at the latest I'm back on the diet, 100%. No cheating, no nothing. This means that Monday night when all the stupid little trick or treaters come to my house asking for candy, I cannot have a single piece. Not ONE. This also means that all day on Monday while I'm in the office and kids are trick or treating throughout the offices and every office is supplied with candy I also cannot have a single piece. This is going to be a miserable day and if I make it through without cheating I'll be amazed, there is going to be a TON of temptation in my face and I'm only human. Usually I can walk away but the 2 places I will be spending the majority of my day will be surrounded by candy. Not excited. 
I plan on starting with a blitz of the diet, which means Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be pure protein days. I'm hoping I'll drop about 4 pounds during this blitz. Then I will get back into the PP/PV alternating days again. Hopefully by the end of this 6 week boot camp session I will be down below 145, which would be an all time low and isn't too far out of reach, and is actually very attainable. 
So what I need to commit to each and every day and week are the following things...

-Plan out meals weekly
-Make jello cups weekly
-Make egg muffins weekly
-Make oat bran muffins weekly
-Get more sleep!!
-Pack lunch on EVERY PP day
-Keep working out 5 days a week 
-Walk the dogs at least once a week
-No more cheat days or "celebrate" meals (aside from Thanksgiving obviously)
-Schedule your days according to your meals

Well here is to better days, better decisions, and a better lifestyle. With that I will leave this link to my Healthy Lifestyle Pinterest Board. It will be my inspiration again. 

Song to get my amped up... Rihanna - We Found Love

Friday, October 21, 2011

What I've Been Doing...

So I know I've been MIA for a few weeks and this is to show you all what I've been doing in my time away from this blog. 

First I want to point out that I have still been doing my boot camp and have recently incorporated Tuesday and Thursday morning workouts with my man friend. 

The last time I updated was before we went home to Michigan for a wedding. I had all intentions of sticking to my diet and I did until the wedding. Well that's not true, Friday night I was late to the airport and had to get some food so I had a nature valley bar. Got to my sisters and had a yogurt and then had some cheese, which is not in the diet but I was STARVING. It was better than bread. So in the morning I had a good breakfast and had a great lunch then headed to the dreaded wedding. Well the wedding wasn't dreaded but the food and drinks were. I had salmon, salad, and veggies.. Then bread, and a brownie or two, and plenty of rum and diets. So really, not horrible but not good either. Then Sunday showed up and I said, eh I'll be good.. And that failed. Had some egg bake, which was okay, but it was the birthday cake I had as breakfast dessert that did me in. So Sunday really just fell apart which was fine. Monday we got back on the horse! Then I worked on this... 

These are the fabric flower balls that I'm creating for our wedding ceremony and I couldn't be happier, except that I'll have to "fix" them all before the wedding because they are sort of falling apart sometimes. Oh well, I still love them! 
Then I also worked on some baking so I could elaborate on what I've been "creating" and then this happened... 
Thursday, October 6th was my birthday, yaaay, and I didn't cheat all day until my man friend took me out for my birthday dinner. We had sushi, a hibachi style dinner, then dessert. Oops! Obviously the dessert was the worst part but really the oil and butter didn't help. Oh well. 
After that we were back on like good kids and so I took on project #2. This was getting a HUGE 100 pound mirror, painting it and then hanging it on my wall. Yay mirror. :) 
 Middle, with a sleeping man friend
I will post a mounted photo soon. :) 

So now on to this weekend/week.. See the middle photo with the red chair in the background? Well 4 or more months ago we tested out different paint colors and oddly enough, we have 4 different colored chairs and not a single one is finished. So I started my next project, project #2.4..  I painted all the kitchen table chairs the same black as the mirror, finally, to match the table. No pictures yet, but I will share those soon as well. 

But here is the bad news, well good news as well. Wednesday night my man friend really wanted pizza and I fought and fought and fought him until he finally broke me down and we had pizza for dinner. And cake for dessert. And the next day I had cupcakes and the day after that, candy and then after that I ran a 5k in 31:05, yea that rocked...

 then I had pizza, and cupcakes, then had mexican and then finished the night with some ice cream. IT WAS AWFUL. I felt terrible and the worst part is that I didn't gain more than 1.8 pounds.. WTH. Sunday night before I went to bed I felt so sick and immediately vowed to get back on the diet. I went full steam back into it this week, lots of protein days minus the roommates birthday dinner. We had a cheat meal, which was okay because I'm still losing weight while working harder at boot camp and my alternate work out days with my man. 
This weekend it's our anniversary so we're taking a trip to Atlanta to tour the coke factory and aquarium. 
Oh and the good news is that I'm finally down to 146, which after 3 weeks of half cheating I'm pretty proud of myself. I've finally gotten lower than my lowest weight and my trainer has challenged me to lose 2 pounds this week... We'll see!!!