Friday, November 2, 2012


So back on September 10, 2012 I made a list of goals. Then again in October I made a verbal commitment of the goals I wish to achieve. Here is where I stand and my next levels of goals.

September Goals 

1. EAT BETTER! Seriously though, I need to stop gorging on dumb shit. Oooh candy bar, let's get 3... Who does that? Oooh, cupcakes, let's get 4... This is the kind of shit that I do to myself. WTF

2. Get back to 135-145. I honestly don't really care what I weigh but I would like to live my life somewhere between a 6-8 and be happy with that.
3. Get my shoulders, back, and arms toned up. I'm the Matron of Honor in my sisters wedding in May and my dress is beautiful and strapless, I'd like to show off my hard work in it.
4. I've gotten into crossfit lately and will be setting goals for this soon. Currently my goals are the following....
4a. Do pullups without any bands
4b. Do toes to bar without any bands
4c. Do all pushups on my toes
4b. I always want to set a new PR for everything but I'm pretty proud that I benched 105 today for my PR
5. Stick to working out 3-6 times a week
6. Start training for my half marathon!
7. Get the husband on track with me 100%. We had a long talk this weekend after my target breakdown. When we're home I eat so well from the moment I wake up until I get home... that's when I get myself into trouble. I won't feel like making dinner and neither will he, so we end up at our favorite mexican place or ordering pizza. Plus I cope with bad news by eating cake and drinking... Oops. I know that I'm responsible for my actions but a little support from him helps a lot.
October Goals 
8. complete a pull up, chin over bars, without any bands.
9. climb the rope
10. complete a handstand push up

So where am I now? 
1. I've had some good weeks and some bad weeks. More bad than good. We're in the middle of moving to Michigan and I'm in the process of leaving my job, so things have been insane. I need to utilize my crock pot for the next few weeks and then pack up everything else. Not having structure is a problem for me and my eating is the first thing to go. 
2. I'm fitting into all of my 8's but it's not always comfortable. This goes hand in hand with my eating. 
3. This is coming along well. I feel stronger but again, this goes hand in hand with my eating. 
4a. Extremely close to getting my chin above the bar. I feel confident that I'll be able to do this by the end of next week. 
4b. Today I officially got my first (and many more) toes to bar. Super pumped about that!! 
4c. I've got this one down for the most part. I still have days where it's really tough to keep proper forms but it's getting there! 
4d. I don't know that this is a goal really. It's just a philosophy to always strive to be better. 
5. I've been doing well with this one. I feel like it's been harder to get up every morning but I think that it has to do with the amount of stress I am feeling and the lack of proper eating this week. 
6. Since we're moving, I'm no longer doing the Princess Half. Although I'm looking for a different one in Michigan, so we'll see! 
7. Husband is on track sort of. We're both under a lot of stress leaving our jobs, packing, working with the dogs, doing house repairs, etc. Again, I need to start relying on my crock pot and just be done with it. 
8. Same is 4a. 
9. I've gotten half way up the rope but I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll get up that bad boy on Saturday! 
10. This. This. This... This one is exceptionally hard but from what I've heard, I'm close to accomplishing it. 

November Goals (continuing old goals and adding new goals)
1. Continue the struggle with eating. Eventually I'll win. 
2. Get that dang pull up
3. Climb the rope to the top
4. Complete a hand stand push up
5. Complete a muscle up (this is a long term goal but I figured I should list it) 
6. Spend more time working on form and mechanics (doubleunders)

I've had this open for more than a day, trying to find more goals that I think I should set. Since I haven't thought of anything since yesterday, this is enough for now. I'll add to these in a couple week or so.